April 12, 2023

Why wet grass is the devil

Why wet grass is the devil
Dr. Chris Brown



There’s no doubt that rain brings out a child-like excitement in the already excitable ones! That's because the dog park seems brand new with all those old odours washed away.

But I’m always on alert in the vet clinic when there’s wet grass around.

Here’s why…

It all comes back to one important fact.

Over half of all Australian dogs are allergic to Australia.

Surprising huh? And what I mean is that they have allergies to the grasses and weeds they walk and run on every day. In particular, those bellies and feet become red and itchy when contact with the grass sets off a reaction.

It’s kind of like hay-fever for the hairy humans.

And is the #1 reason why dogs lick their paws endlessly. They’re just itchy!

So what does wet grass do?!

Well, the water on the surface of the grass supersizes that allergy. That’s because those plant proteins (that your dog’s skin is sensitive to) are dissolved in that water and can then completely coat the skin when they brush past. In addition, that water softens their skin meaning the blades of grass can make tiny cuts; allowing the allergens in.

So what can you do?

If you can, avoid the park on wet days or very dewy mornings.

If that’s impossible (and trust me, I get it!) then just make sure you rinse down their legs, feet and belly when you get back from a walk using my 2 minute foot and belly wash hack.

So many of you are now getting instant relief from irritated bellies and feet with just a small squirt of my Soothe My Skin Wash. 

So while that rain might be great for the grass, it’s not so awesome for those little coffee bean feet that walk on it straight after. And yes, this is why we’re often itchy on our legs and feet if we walk through wet grass too…

Soothe My Skin Wash
Soothe My Skin Wash

Super Useful Skin Cream
Super Useful Skin Cream

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