The assumption

That dogs actually just have smelly ears...

The truth

There's actually a reason why sometimes your dogs ears smell like raising toast. That smell comes from the yeast (yes, really!) that is feeding on the moisture and waxy gunk, which is what causes a painful ear infection.

The solution

Ready to fight back against smelly ears? This is where my Ear De-Gunker becomes your ride or die. Best for cleaning out their ears by removing that awfully fruity smell and questionable coloured wax build-up. The Ear De-Gunker is gentle but so effective. Plus, it's free from all those nasty chemicals (yep, I'm talking about perfumes, parabens, petrolatum and more) and is instead made with orange peel oil and apple extract.

The Ear De-Gunker
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The Ear De-Gunker

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The gentle way to keep ear canals clean and free of that stinky gunk!

Fight back against smelly ears!

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