Dr Chris Brown

At Drool, we’re all about making the lives of the furry family better through our treats.

We realise not every dog is lucky enough to munch on Drool treats. So, we’re making sure that disadvantaged dogs and cats all over the world get to feel some Drool love. That’s why every pack of treats gives back to the brothers and sisters from different misters that aren’t so lucky.

How the Love Drop Works

Every 3 months, we’ll make a sizeable donation to a different animal charity around the world, as we shine a light on the tireless work done by those helping these hairy little heroes without a home.

Drool knows every animal on the planet is special and deserves to feel safe and part of a community that cares. You’ve shown the love to your little mate through Drool. So now, it’s our turn to share.

See where the Love Drop is making a difference this month, and hear their stories.