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Does a pet in the bed mean less sleep?

Sep 13, 2019

Does a pet in the bed mean less sleep?

Attention Ruff Sleepers. The verdict on whether letting your dog sleep in the bed is good for you is in. And it’s good news for at least half of us...

The Mayo Clinic in the US (that surprisingly has nothing to do with sauces) studied 40 healthy people with no history of sleep issues and monitored how their dogs affected their sleep. Amazingly, all participants slept better when their dog was in the bedroom. Most surprisingly, dogs who were restless and moved around during the night still gave their owners a better night’s sleep! Implying that the feelings of comfort and security that dogs provide leads to improved sleep quality, even if the duration of that sleep may be less.

A recent survey on Drool showed that 54% of us share the sheets with our pets. And given the human health benefits of improved brain function, reduced blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease that come with better sleep, it’s no wonder pets are a dream companion...

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