February 05, 2020

Why aren’t we protecting our koalas?

Why aren’t we protecting our koalas?
Dr. Chris Brown

After bushfires killed thousands, this was the heartless tragedy the koala population just couldn’t bear. But as rescues continue, some of the injured marsupials are being released into a much safer national park to begin rebuilding their lives...

The details of what happened are shocking. Over 40 koalas were killed or starved to death when a blue gum plantation near Victoria’s Cape Bridgewater was logged. Up to 75 still remain in the area in need of rescuing. But for those that have been saved and screened for injuries, there is finally hope. Thanks to the team from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital who have rushed food and medical supplies to the injured, some koalas are now returning to the bush where they belong. Only this time their new home is National Park that can’t be torn out from under them.

But when the fine for killing a koala in Victoria is only $8000 (and then callously another $800 per animal after that) why should big business and industry even worry? Surely at a time when our koalas (and natural fauna in general) are on the brink of catastrophe, a more serious form of punishment and ultimately protection is required?

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