January 23, 2020

Could this be the bushfires biggest victim?

Could this be the bushfires biggest victim?
Dr. Chris Brown

They’ve been hailed a fire heroes after sheltering huge numbers of native animals in their burrows, but studies now suggest wombats may have been one of the species hardest hit by the blazes.

Carers monitoring the wombat population in the badly burnt region south of Sydney are reporting a disturbing lack of wombat activity as the area tries to recover. In fact, John Creighton from Wombat Care Bundanoon believes that for every koala lost in the fires, 10-15 wombles have perished. A brutal combination of the fires themselves and the resulting starvation from the lack of food. And all that for a species already battling a crippling skin mite infestation.

The Drool community has already donated nearly $150,000 to support the wombat and hopefully that will help you turn around the fortunes of this little face before it’s too late.

Pic: @crazy_wombat_lady

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