June 01, 2023

Are joints REALLY more sore in the winter?

Are joints REALLY more sore in the winter?
Dr. Chris Brown

Getting out of bed in winter feels just about impossible. For the both of us. But I wanted to know whether that stiffness, soreness and those creaky bones were just in the mind. So are our joints really more sore in winter? The answer is below…

It’s not just me right? Those walks to the park seem slower, stairs look higher and even limps you’ve never seen before happen to appear…

So get this. Two big things are at play here.

First of all, pain perception is heightened in the cold. Things hurt more. Anyone that’s ever walked barefooted over a gravel path with cold feet knows this. The nerves send more intense messages about that discomfort…

But the big one is what’s actually happening inside the joint itself.

The main lubricating agent, the joint fluid, actually transforms from a warm, slippery honey texture to a thick sludge in the cold.

As a result, joints don’t move freely and feel stiff. Without the lubrication, ligaments are under more strain and the exposed bone on joint surfaces is left to grind on other bone. It’s not pretty…


The result is that stiffness, soreness and limping. And that difficulty in getting going in the morning. Having trouble getting up and down off the couch or into the car are trademark warning signs…

Providing a supplement that can keep that precious joint cartilage protected as well as soft and spongy then becomes crucial. I’ve hand-picked glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oil and turmeric to be in my Drool Joint Protect treats because they work so well in combination to turn back the clock on those sore joints…


Joint Protect
Joint Protect

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