November 24, 2022

The secret way furballs work. And how to help...

The secret way furballs work. And how to help...
Dr. Chris Brown

In the list of unwelcome midnight surprises, a furball being deposited on your carpet ranks pretty high!

But understanding how hairballs work can help prevent them instantly…

It’s crazy to think that at peak hair shedding times (like now!) cats will swallow up to a cup of hair a day. Wild huh. After all, that little rough tongue of theirs is actually the world’s smallest hairbrush. And very good at gathering clumps of hair as well as performing its well known grooming duties.

Did you know? Even lions, tigers and leopards experience hairballs.

And once all that hair is swallowed, it really only has two options.

Option One is the 3am outcome. All those small clumps gather to form one big ball that tickles the inside of their stomach until they feel so sick they bring up the Furball. In a loud, spectacular and uncomfortable way.

But Option Two is the Smooth solution. You see, you can actually stop the Furball forming in the first place. Using the natural lubricant qualities of Slippery Elm bark and the gathering properties of special prebiotic fibre, you can easily and gently escort all that hair past the stomach, through their digestive system and into their litter tray instead. It’s the perfect outcome. And only requires a couple of Furball + Skin treats each day to make it happen…

Furball + Skin Cat
Furball + Skin Cat

Ultimately, furballs are the price that cats pay for just insisting on looking so good. But it’s nice to know there is a solution to the unwelcome wake up calls….


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