October 12, 2022

Why they demand full body contact!

Why they demand full body contact!
Dr. Chris Brown

You know the moment. You’re just settling into the sofa and it’s almost like they have an alarm set for when you’re horizontal. They immediately lie beside or so often, right on top of you. But why the need for full body contact?

Well, there’s a fascinating reason that might just make you go ‘awww’. Followed by another reason that might make you go ‘urghhh’. So yeah, consider yourself warned.

Sure there’s the body warmth factor. They have their internal body temperature set higher than ours at up to 39 degrees compared to our 37 degrees, meaning they’re constantly looking for the warmer spots to maintain it. But the space invasion is about more than warmth.

It’s also about security and feeling bonded to you. Yes…the awww bit! Watch any wildlife documentary and you’ll see lions, tigers and wolves all cuddling up to family at the end of a long day. It’s a way they check-in and say ‘you complete me’. It’s the sweetest thing. So take it as a massive compliment. That body contact is truly one of their favourite love languages.

But what about if they just watch from a distance?
This is ok! And doesn’t mean they love you any less. It’s just that their love language might be something else. Like a slow blink. Or an occasional lick. Or an act of service like watching out over you. It can also be a sign of mild anxiety (and almost a lack of self-love) where they’re not sure if they’re ok to lie so close to you. So watch out for other signs of anxiety and manage when you need to…

And now for the urgghhh bit. Why do they always seem to point their bum to your face? Well, head to the next article to find out...

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