April 09, 2019

When this dog passed away, she had one final wish for her postman

When this dog passed away, she had one final wish for her postman
Dr. Chris Brown

Dogs can sometimes have a tricky relationship with the postman. But the note left by this heartbroken owner of a shy German Shepherd who learned to love her mailman might just leave you misty eyed...

Thanks to her size and deep bark, Gretchen the German Shepherd intimidated a lot of people. But postman Fernando Barboza wasn’t one of them. He would call her name any time a delivery took him past her house and offer her a treat. Soon, a strong friendship grew to the point Gretchen would sit by the gate and wait for Fernando. But sadly, age and a degenerative neuropathy (common in German Shepherds) eventually claimed her life.

Distraught but also knowing of their incredibly close connection, Gretchen’s owner Chris Cimino, left the postman this heartbreaking letter that offered up just one last wish. That he continue to spread the love to all the dogs on his delivery route with Gretchen’s favourite treats. And yes, it’s everything you need to get through the day...

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