April 17, 2019

This dog’s rescue 200km off the coast is extraordinary

This dog’s rescue 200km off the coast is extraordinary
Dr. Chris Brown

This dog was spotted desperately swimming towards the base of an oil rig 200km off the coast of Thailand. And no-one has any idea where he came from...or how many pats it will take to tell him it’s now going to be ok.

Once he was pulled from the water, the pup was severely dehydrated and hungry but thankfully responded quickly when given first aid by the oil rig crew. The only possible explanation is that he’s fallen off a passing fishing boat. Although none were spotted nearby.

For a dog who epitomises the power of hope and optimism, it seems he finally has reason to feel it. He’s now back on dry land with one of his rescuers already offering him a forever home...and a lifetime of reassuring belly rubs.

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