March 23, 2019

This blind retriever got his own guide dog

This blind retriever got his own guide dog
Dr. Chris Brown

When Charlie the golden retriever suddenly went blind, he naturally lost a little direction in his life. But all that changed when his own seeing eye dog walked through the door…

Little Maverick now provides the eyes (and the energy) to this beautiful friendship as these brothers (from different mothers) take on the previously scary world. And the result is just about the best thing you’ll see today.

Suddenly going blind can be a significant source of anxiety for any pet. For Charlie, it was glaucoma at the age of 11 that brought a sudden darkness to his world. But if there is an upside, it’s the fact that while sight is our primary sense, dogs and cats actually rely more on smell as a way of ‘reading’ the world around them. In fact, aside from not making any sudden changes to the placement of furniture in the house, leaving scent trails around the house using fragrant oils can be a great way to help blind pets navigate.

For now though, Charlie and Maverick show that when your best friend is a dog, you can’t ever lose your way in the world…

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