How to make that edible dog Christmas Tree 🎄

For too long, the Christmas tree has been a purely human thing and frustratingly inedible. So I decided to change that. Behold…my culinary masterpiece. The (edible) Dog Christmas tree.

See how to make it below!

And because my Dogembouche (that’s a dog croquembouche…come at me Masterchef) is made with my Drool treat balls, it’s also packed full of goodness. It’ll last in the fridge for days so you can bring it out for some special treating all through the festive season. Hairy Xmas!

Here’s how you make it.
Step 1: Grab your Drool treat balls. The round shape works perfectly as they mimic what a profiterole does in a human croquembouche
Step 2: Grab a soda water/soft drink bottle and cut the top off at the height you would like your edible Christmas tree. This acts as your base to build upon.
Step 3: Starting at the base, attach a row of Drool balls to the cone underneath using smooth natural peanut butter. Tip: Put the peanut butter in the fridge for extra stickiness between layers
Step 4: Work your way up the tower with rows of Drool balls. I find using different varieties provides natural colour variation and extra appeal! Tip: Put the tower in the fridge after every few rows to ‘set’ the peanut butter glue and keep the tower strong!
Step 5: Once you’ve reached all the way to the top of the tower, place a ball or edible star on the top. You can then decorate using pet friendly Christmas decorations or edible glitter.
Step 6: Keep in the fridge until you’re ready to give your mate the most festive treat ever. Have a Merry Christmas.

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