December 09, 2022

How to avoid Christmas tree chaos!

How to avoid Christmas tree chaos!
Dr. Chris Brown

What a time! Suddenly, there’s a tree wrapped in flashing lights growing in the lounge room and they’re not allowed to climb it, chew it or wee against it. But when has ‘not allowed’ ever stopped them…

So here’s how to ensure your Christmas tree stays fun…but free of trouble this festive season.

It turns out, it’s all about the 4 W’s of tree management!

Washing: Sure, it’s the most magical of all trees, but this is still a tree. And if you’re using a live one from a farm, there is every chance another dog (or cat, possum, bird, rabbit…you name it!) has left it’s mark (and scent) on that tree’s trunk before it landed in your lounge room. So to ensure your little mate doesn’t get territorial and wee over the top, ensure you wash around the base. It might just save your presents from a drenching…

Water: Live trees need water to keep them alive through the long festive season. But by providing a bucket of water for that tree to stand in, you also introduce a very intriguing, pine scented water bowl for them to sip from. The only problem being that not only will the water be rancid within days, but the sap from the tree can also be the source of some major gut upsets. So use bricks around the trunk to not only support the tree but also keep curious tongues out of each of the water. And change it regularly.

Wires: Those captivating Christmas lights usually need power so so if you’re the parent of a puppy, kitten, rabbit or guinea pig, just remember the desire to chew is remarkably strong. Those electrical cables and wires can all too tempting. So please keep them concealed by protective rugs and mats and even consider rubbing some deterrent on them. A Vapor Rub or Citronella Oil can work well.

Wonkiness: Rest assured, on your cat’s list of goals for the year, climbing the Christmas tree was in their top 5. They love it. So just assume it’s going to happen. To ensure the whole tree doesn’t come down (like it has with Cricket so many times before), ensure the tree is firmly in place, with no wonkiness. Otherwise, it’ll fall down faster than me after Christmas lunch.

It’s certainly the most magical time of the year. And for the furry family, it’s no different. And that tree can be the centrepiece to all the excitement…and hopefully not the drama!

If you’re looking for something special to put under the tree that they can get all excited about sniffing out, then obviously you can check out my full range of health boosting dog and cat treats below. And have them delivered in time for Christmas!

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