November 23, 2021

How long your mate's attention span REALLY is

How long your mate's attention span REALLY is
Dr. Chris Brown

Most of us would amusingly assume our hairy little human’s attention span is measured in seconds. But you’ll laugh when you hear the true length. And how you can push it to peak levels...

Look around your own group of human friends and you’ll see that the ability to focus on one task is a trial for some and a joy for others. And dogs are exactly the same. While some geek out on training, others need a feast of treats to get that brain to switch on.

But the age where their focus is at peak levels isn’t even close to when most training takes place. In fact, puppy school has been dismissed for years before a dog’s attention span peaks between 3 and 6 years! In fact, it’s almost time for the 5 year school reunion before all the other distractions take a back seat to well…sitting. And staying. It’s thought a more calm, controlled brain wave pattern, along with a ‘been there, done that’ approach to previously distracting sights and sounds plays a huge part in this.

So how long is that attention span? Well, while some dogs can be measured at just 2 seconds (relatable), the average sits at 27 seconds to hold one single thought.

So what can you do to lengthen it? It’s all about working with their beautiful mind rather than against it. Try your training in quieter environments (yes the dog park is impossible!) and use that period in the 20 minutes after naps where their brain is at it’s most fresh and free of fatigue. And of course, treats do help with the motivation levels. Supplements like L-theanine (from green tea...and found in my "School Snacks" treats) have been shown to improve concentration and focus to keep that brain firing like the doggy dux they really are... Well, most of the time 😂

School Snacks
School Snacks

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