May 10, 2021

The top signs of a dining crime!

The top signs of a dining crime!
Dr. Chris Brown

 When socks, snacks or even prescription medications go missing, eventually the suspicion shifts to those guilty eyes in the corner. So how do you tell if your dog has REALLY eaten something they shouldn’t?

Bikinis, underwear, tennis balls, contraceptive pills and even roof tiles. Yep I’ve seen some strange things consumed. But while the list of items on the improvised menu is long, the signs that giveaway there’s been some experimental eating are all very similar.

So I thought I’d give you the most common clues you may have a problem on your hands.

Obviously something missing often prompts an investigation. As do the guilty side eyes we know all too well. But beyond that, I’d be suspicious of:
⁃ Loss of appetite when it’s normally strong
⁃ Unexplained vomiting. Especially of bile.
⁃ A hunched up, tense belly (like the cat of a cat-cow for the yoga enthusiasts) that doesn't like being touched or picked up. Especially with any straining to poo

There’s no doubt, a history of dining crimes will make another attempt more likely.

Any of the above signs should prompt a visit to the vet. But really anything out of the ordinary should be noted...

It’s amazing just what they will sneak into that mouth of theirs. Especially when we often have trouble convincing them to eat a tasty dinner. Sometimes nothing tastes as good as naughty feels!

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