April 14, 2021

How you can save wildlife from Covid litter 😷

How you can save wildlife from Covid litter 😷
Dr. Chris Brown

A global splurge on Covid-19 protective gear like gloves and masks has created some major challenges for pets and wildlife. But here are the 2 things you can do to make a difference 🤞 🙌

The disposable nature of all this PPE gear means it’s quickly going from being on our faces and hands to being in the face of countless species who had been enjoying the lack of human interference Covid lockdowns had provided.

In fact, it’s estimated 1.5 billion crucially important facemasks entered our oceans last year alone.

Wildlife carers and vets have observed everything from dogs ingesting disposable gloves to penguins consuming face masks, fish entrapment in fingers of gloves and bird entanglement in face mask straps.

So what can you do to help? Well aside from finding reusable and safe alternatives, there are two positive steps. Cutting up disposable gloves before binning them will help but the simplest move is just breaking the loops (and the entanglement hazard) on single use face masks before they end up in the rubbish.

It's a very different take on being Covid safe - but a very important one!

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