April 17, 2024

What that wee stain is trying to tell you...

What that wee stain is trying to tell you...
Dr. Chris Brown


If there’s one thing that unites all pet parents it’s a home full of mysterious (and occasionally unspeakable) stains. Sure I prefer to call them love leaks.

But those wet urine patches that carry those rather pungent odours often have a message behind them.

So let’s translate those wee stains and find their hidden meaning…

The top 5 stains explained!

A large ‘code yellow’ near the front or back door

Translation? They were trying to do the right thing. But just couldn’t hold on while you were out or sleeping. Especially common in puppies or kittens.

A small ‘code yellow’ on their bed or your couch

This is either a small bladder leakage (more likely in female dogs) or a small amount of prostate fluid (in male dogs). 

A medium amount of ‘code yellow’ on clothes, shoes, a couch or a bed (especially cats)

Translation? This is the calling card of a pet who is insecure and anxious because of a new house guest or visiting pet. They’re putting their smell around the house to let everyone know they need to be noticed and this home is theirs.

Small drops of ‘code yellow’ around the house

Translation? For cats: The critical thing here is if there’s also straining to wee. If so, this could be a medical emergency and a sign your cat is blocked and can’t urinate. Get them to the vet as soon as possible.

For dogs: This is most commonly a sign of urinary incontinence. Especially in older pets. 


A large ‘code yellow’ near their litter tray

For cats: For previously well house-trained felines, this means there’s something not quite right about that litter tray. Either the litter type has changed or it’s too dirty for them to use.

The good news is that no matter the cause, all these code yellows (and even code browns!) can be cleaned up with just one thing. In fact, I formulated my new Wee and You cleaner to not just mop up stains but also use smart enzymes to break down and decode that message so they don’t come back and wee again and again. 

Wee and You Urine + Stain Cleaner
Wee and You Urine + Stain Cleaner

Plus, if you can smell but not find a stain, the Wee Detector Torch helps you spot it instantly. Ensuring your home doesn’t have that ‘catty’ or ‘doggy’ smell we all dread…

The Wee Detector Torch
The Wee Detector Torch

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