July 21, 2021

This cat has to be seen to be believed

This cat has to be seen to be believed
Dr. Chris Brown

When this rescue kitten was born, her owners thought she was unwell. It turns out she’s one in a million and possesses an amazing trait possible in just about every stray cat. Here’s how wolf cats like Gracie come to be… 🤯 🐈

Can’t decide if you’re a dog or a cat person? Well, of course you can be both. In fact, Gracie the former rescue kitten can probably show you how.

Gracie is a werewolf cat or Lykoi. And that crazy coat that can be brushed forward or back and gives her a very dog-like appearance comes from a very natural genetic mutation in domestic shorthairs. The very same type of cat making up the vast majority of rescues. In fact, this mutation has emerged out of feral cat populations, proving that once again, magic truly comes from saving strays. Most importantly, aside from a build-up of natural skin oils around her face and neck, Gracie is a completely healthy and playful cat, completely oblivious to her unique appearance…

Pics @graciewolfcat

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