March 20, 2022

How this Chow temporarily adopted a baby possum

How this Chow temporarily adopted a baby possum
Dr. Chris Brown

This Melbourne Chow Chow gave his family a shock when he walked into the house with a baby ringtail possum hiding in his fur. Here’s what’s probably happened…

King the Chow Chow looks as confused as anyone as to how he became the mobile daddy-day care to the possum. But the size of the hairy hitchhiker is the crucial part here. He’s just a juvenile close to weaning age who would normally split his time between riding on his mum’s back and occasionally sampling new foods with her.

So it’s likely that King has been investigating the sound of a mother and bub out exploring at night in Melbourne when the baby has been startled and sought the security of the nearest fur-ball he could find. That just happened to be King rather than his actual mum.

King’s owner, Georgie Dempsey, detached the possum from his chest and returned him outside to where his unexpected adventure began and where his mother was still waiting. It’s important to now monitor that he can re-bond with her successfully. Our city wildlife struggle in the limited habitat they do have so any helping hands with shelter, food and security are always welcome…

Pic: @dukeofhawthorn

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