October 12, 2022

We need to talk about the bum in the face

We need to talk about the bum in the face
Dr. Chris Brown

I know. It happens too often for it to be a simple coincidence. And it might shock you to know, it’s no accident. They’re definitely saying something…

So here’s what it is…

Even though it’s their back end, they’re actually being quite upfront with you.

What do I mean? Well, the backside of both dogs and cats contains two vitally important scent glands; the anal glands.

And they’re almost your best mate’s own Wikipedia Page. Everything important to them about their health, diet, age and status is right there. And best of all, it’s actually factual! And just like dogs do to each other in the park, they’re presenting it to you so you can scan it and understand how they’re doing.

It’s basically their unique brand of oversharing…but also bonding. So be flattered. And a little put off your meal. That's fair enough...

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