May 16, 2023

There’s a reason your cat can’t ignore you saying ‘pspspsps’

There’s a reason your cat can’t ignore you saying ‘pspspsps’
Dr. Chris Brown

So cats can pretty much ignore and sleep through just about EVERY event in your home. Well, just about everything. But one word has a unique power over them… the PSPSPSPSPS!

And now we know why it’s a real head turner. Here's your answer below...

The reactions to the PSPSPSPS vary from your cat running towards you in slow motion (almost with Celine Dion playing in the background), to them fleeing in disgust. And all the head turns and radar ears in-between.

But the reason why their reaction is so profound comes down to how unique the noise is. AND what it sounds like…

Most importantly, it’s one of the few high pitched sounds we make around them.

So it’s ‘ear-catching’ in cat ears that already hear high frequencies three times better than we do…

But crucially, the rapid high pitched chatter mimics the sounds that rats and mice (and other small prey) make when they’re panicking.

And the little lion man inside your cat becomes immediately interested. They’re instinctively programmed to react to the sound. And react they do! Even if it’s to tell you to pipe down so they can go back to sleep…

Calm + Collected Cat
Calm + Collected Cat

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