February 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered why Zebras have stripes?

Have you ever wondered why Zebras have stripes?
Dr. Chris Brown

We may have finally answered one of the animal world’s biggest mysteries; why Zebras have stripes! And the reason is more spectacular than you think...

Solving a riddle this big took a big effort. But when researchers at the University of California attached massive coloured coats to regular horses they noticed something quite remarkable.

Horse flies (which in Africa can carry potentially lethal diseases like sleeping sickness) experiences major fails when they tried to land on the black and white zebra coat. They either missed it completely or spectacularly crashed into the stripes and fell to the ground.

It’s believed the stripes dazzle the eyes of the flies ultimately providing those dresses in the black and white with the best chemical free fly repellent on the planet. So when it comes to interesting research, Ze-bra has really been raised.

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