October 04, 2023

Why cats lose their sh#t when you change the sheets

Why cats lose their sh#t when you change the sheets
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s almost like they believe they’re helping. But every…single…time you change the sheets, your cat will magically appear with wide eyes and launch themselves between the layers while you make the bed.

 But have you ever wondered why they go so crazy?! Well, the answer provides a fascinating insight into that beautiful mind of theirs. You can find it below…

Hint: Making the bed might just make their day!


I just love how this one act perfectly sums up cats. But as you’re about to see, a humble sheet change might just be the closest most cats get to an i-max movie experience.

Yes, making the bed is the ultimate feline ASMR moment. And it’s free…


Here’s why they are SO obsessed. And why this one act ticks all these boxes…

  • Cats love confined spaces. Just look at how much they adore cardboard boxes or the spot under the coffee table. And when you float those fresh sheets into the air and onto the bed, you create a labyrinth of new, unexplored spaces open for a limited time only. It’s exciting.


  • Cats love the sound of making the bed. The flapping of the sheets and the subtle squeak of fresh cotton might just be their favourite audio combination ever. Why? It mimics the favourite two things for your little lion to hunt. Birds and mice.


  • Cats love a blank canvas. Depending on how often you change the sheets (no judgement…but seriously…how often?!!) the act of removing something so covered in your scent (and theirs if they sleep in the bed) and replacing it with something new and clean is impossible to ignore. They must immediately put their own subtle scent there. It’s why clean litter must be used and that clean washing must be laid on.


It’s no wonder they’re wide eyed with excitement the moment they hear the linen cupboard open. Sight, sound and smell are all satisfied by one domestic duty. It's enough to make me do it more often!

Sure you could shut the bedroom door but in the process, you might shut out the fun and play they live for…

Teeth + Breath Cat
Teeth + Breath Cat

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