November 02, 2020

This bizarre habit explained

This bizarre habit explained
Dr. Chris Brown

This bizarre habit explained from Drool By Dr. Chris Brown on Vimeo.

It might look like all of us trying to stifle a cough in 2020. But seriously, nothing causes more confusion (and late night emergency calls) than this behaviour. But here’s what it really means…

What you’re seeing and hearing isn’t a dog having an allergic reaction, being paralysed by a tick or choking on a bone. Instead, it’s actually the surprisingly harmless ‘reverse sneeze’. Almost every dog will do this at some stage in their life and is simply the result of their soft palate (that membrane at back and top of your throat) harmlessly flicking over their larynx. As a way of clearing it, dogs suck in air in this surprisingly forceful way. A few snorts usually fixes it. Leaving a place for everything and everything in its place. And you trying to work out how something so simple causes such an intense sound…

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