October 29, 2020

Why this cow is chewing on a snake 😳

Why this cow is chewing on a snake 😳
Dr. Chris Brown

You’ve gotta be tough to survive the Aussie outback but this cow chewing on a snake takes it to new levels. Here’s why it happened though...

Like a lot of animal species, cows are quite in-tune with their own nutritional needs and deficiencies. It’s why, despite a (typically) vegetarian existence, a number of herbivores (like giraffe, elephants and cattle) are seen chewing bones (for calcium), licking rocks (for salt) or even eating droppings for nutrients or digestive enzymes and bacteria.

This ability to use their environment as their own pharmacy means that this snake (a non venomous sand python) was a boost of much needed protein, vitamins or minerals that were deficient on this Northern Territory cattle station.

Even if it’s for a health boost, snakes as chewing gum is still pretty tough though.

Pics: Andrew Gertz

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