November 18, 2020

Why cats wiggle their bums before they jump

Why cats wiggle their bums before they jump
Dr. Chris Brown


Considering they’re normally so elegant, the bum wiggle before a cat jumps almost comes out of nowhere. But here’s why cats do that adorable booty shake...

But here’s why he does that bum wiggle before they jump...

 For starters, cats are more sprinter than marathon runner. They’re about explosive power over endurance. Short naps over long sleeps. Small snacks over a big meal. You get the drift...

So with that sprinting mindset in mind, the bum wiggle starts to makes sense.

Ultimately, wriggling themselves into a crouching position is like Usain Bolt settling into the starters blocks. It sets them up for an explosive leap at a toy...or their mate teasing them on top of the fridge.

It ensures their feet settle on something firm to spring off. And gives them confidence to look...and then leap. Delivering themselves into the action quickly! And delivering us some genuine amusement all at the same time…


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