October 16, 2023

Why dogs sniff each other's butts...

Why dogs sniff each other's butts...
Dr. Chris Brown

I get it. We shake hands. They sniff each other’s backsides. It happens so often that we almost see it as being normal. But have you ever wondered where this slightly bizarre greeting comes from?

You can find the reason why below...

Warning. The answer is a little eye watering!

For us, seeing is believing. But for dogs and cats, sense of smell is everything. So when you come across that new furry face in the dog park, you don’t ‘meet and greet’ with your eyes. Oh no. That initial introduction is done nose to tail. And it’s all because of something significant that’s waiting UNDER that tail.

Oh yes, it’s their anal glands. Two grape sized glands (either side of their backside) whose reputation precedes them!

After all it’s these same glands that all too often become blocked and itchy. The result is that ‘other’ iconic pet behaviour of scooting or ‘the bum drag’. Often across the carpet. If you’re having trouble this that issue, I developed these to help…



But why do they do it?

Well, dogs in the park aren’t performing random gland checks when they sniff under the tail. Oh no. They sniff there because those little pouches are actually ‘scent’ glands. Essentially, the glands contain that dog (or cat’s) unique odour that tells them EVERYTHING you need to know about that park newbie.

From their age, to their sex, their health, their favourite dinner and whether they’re de-sexed is all divulged with one simple sniff.

It’s like a full social media stalk without the private setting.

And all the information (and doggy data dive) is processed within a second. Impressive!

Oh and these glands are also the reason why your cat or dog is so quick to put their bum in your face when you’re on the couch or just cuddling. They don’t want to have any secrets and want to share it all. But yeah, there is such a thing as ‘oversharing’!



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