June 12, 2020

Why pets demand full body contact in bed

Why pets demand full body contact in bed
Dr. Chris Brown

Ever noticed that while you might go to bed without a furry friend, it’s rare to wake up alone. Yep, it seems that once the temperature drops, the inhibitions about sharing the sheets do as well!

In fact, according to my most recent pet census, 54% of us share a bed with the furry one. So why do they insist on getting so close?

Well there are two main reasons. First of all, it’s security. Sure they feel more able to protect us if they’re a full body contact bodyguard. But they ALSO feel safer this way. But the biggest reason is actually body warmth. Cats and dogs have a body temperature nearly 2 degrees higher than ours meaning they need more heat to maintain it. This means they’re drawn to our warmest spots. The nook behind your knees, your groin and yes, your neck and face. You’re essentially a human hot water bottle.

But close sleeping also says one more thing. You are their world - the one they truly adore. And that’s enough to warm your heart on even the coldest night...

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