April 03, 2020

Why do pets shove their bums in our face?

Why do pets shove their bums in our face?
Dr. Chris Brown

Life in lockdown has uncovered many mysteries. But one that puzzles a lot of people is why dogs and especially cats consistently stick their butts in our faces. Here’s your answer…

You know the sitch. You’re putting in a shift in the home office or even cuddling up on the couch when the hairiest member of the family suddenly jumps up and adds their ‘one-eyed’ contribution to the conversation. So why do they insist on flashing their backsides at you?

Well, in a weird way, it’s actually a compliment. In fact, in pet speak it’s actually an expression of affection and a sign they feel secure around you. That’s because their butt contains all their important (and previously private) biological information contained within their small scent glands there. Lifting that tail in front of you is almost the equivalent of their fingerprint scan…or in the Corona world, their Netflix login. They’re happy to share and let you into their inner sanctum. Thankfully there’s no expectation of you returning the favour. Yep, there’s no doubt in these crazy times, we’re all learning a lot more about each other. And that’s a good thing. Mostly!

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