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That yawn doesn’t mean they’re dog tired

Oct 01, 2019

That yawn doesn’t mean they’re dog tired

Chances are when your dog yawns they’re not actually tired. In fact, it’s often a sign of something more serious...

This one might surprise you. You see, yawning is a common sign of anxiety. When that inner conflict becomes too much, that yawn is often the result. Compared to a tired yawn, the anxious form is usually longer, more intense and may even be teamed up with some lip licking.

So what can you do to help wipe away the worry? For starters, try to work out what the source of that stress is and remove them from it. Exercise is always a great way to lower that anxiety threshold and reduce the chances of those anxious moments occurring. Just remember, the yawn is just another form of communication. They’re letting you into their beautiful mind. It’s just up to us to read and respond to the signs...

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