April 15, 2020

Are animals reclaiming the planet?

Are animals reclaiming the planet?
Dr. Chris Brown

First it was the bird life flocking back to the now crystal clear waters of the Venice canals in Italy. Then the monkeys of Thailand began leaving the temples where they used to get a free feed from tourists. Now wild pigs and goats are reclaiming the streets of Europe.

In my own backyard, the sky seems bluer, the stars brighter and the animal life bolder with this Currawong now appearing at my window each day to check in on world news. And it’s all thanks to fewer cars on the road, people on the streets and cleaner air for everyone to enjoy. After being trained in the art of survival by humans limiting their access to food, water and habitat, so many species are thriving when it’s humans being the ones restricted.

Yes, it seems the only one coming out of isolation fitter and healthier is Mother Nature!

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