March 07, 2022

Why that walk brings on poo time!

Why that walk brings on poo time!
Dr. Chris Brown

Given how many questions I get from confused pet parents wanting to know why their dog poos so much on walks, it’s definitely something we should talk about.

Well, I’ve got to the bottom (ahem) of the issue. Here’s the truly fascinating answer!

Sure going once is expected. But 2, 3 or 4 times seems a little extreme. In fact, so many of us experience ‘poly-pooing’ (yes I invented the term) on walks and in the park that I thought I’d properly investigate why once is seemingly never enough…

Well, the answer is actually quite interesting. After initially ‘clearing the decks’, the reason they often go again and again is well…(number) two-fold.

First of all, it’s in large part due to the effect that exercise is having internally. You see, while your dog’s heart rate and blood pressure naturally increase as they move, this activates their nervous system and causes much more blood flow to travel to the smooth muscle of their intestines.

This in turn triggers these muscles to start contracting. Walk for more than a few minutes and that’s enough for that squeezing action in their intestine to produce something you need that little plastic bag for! Yes, it’s multi-poop time!

Then, there’s obviously diet. Foods and treats that are high in highly processed chicken or beef meals or cheap fillers like corn are often poorly digestible meaning a large part of what goes in comes out the other end untouched and unabsorbed; meaning you fill more bags. Poor gut health, with an imbalance of gut bacteria also leads to loose and multiple stools.


So the number of bags you fill comes back to avoidable and unavoidable situations that make that fresh air of a walk, well, a little less fresh for a while. But at least now our minds, like their bodies are a little clearer!

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