January 31, 2019

Baby Zebra "Ox" recovering well after leopard attack

Baby Zebra "Ox" recovering well after leopard attack
Dr. Chris Brown

An UPDATE on “Ox” the baby zebra.

After being attacked by a leopard, his mum walked him, with serious neck and leg injuries to the front gate of a local safari lodge, Khaya Ndlovu. After 3 days, the owners felt his mum was asking for help. And veterinary help has arrived.

So, after his bite wounds were flushed and drained, he’s now been switched to a new antibiotic and the infection on his neck has begun to resolve. The biggest concern is now his front right leg. An x-ray has now confirmed that the bite caused a small fracture (and infection) in one of the small bones just above his hoof.

So it’s now a mix of supportive splinting (aka Ox Socks) and aggressive antibiotics to give Ox the best chance of overcoming both obstacles and returning to the wild. And yes, he’s still hungry/thirsty for that milk. Which right now is the best sign of all...

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