February 20, 2019

Owners quick reaction saved this puppies life

Owners quick reaction saved this puppies life
Dr. Chris Brown

This adorable little 11 week old Golden Retriever had the luckiest of escapes when a coastal carpet python attempted to make a meal of him on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

While retrievers are renowned for their big appetites, “Patapouf” the puppy was given the surprise of his little life when the 2 metre python bit his leg and attempted to strangle him. Thankfully Patapouf’s barking alerted his owner who raced downstairs and released the python’s grip. The python was then relocated.

It follows a surprising increase in the number of reported python attacks on household pets throughout the northern states of Australia over summer. It’s recommended that small pets (usually 8kg or less) aren’t left outside in bushland areas unsupervised. Stay safe out there little guys...

As for Patapouf, he’s thankfully made a full recovery. Aided by his loyal best friend, Tigrou the kitten.


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