October 03, 2019

Dog baits found at another popular park

Dog baits found at another popular park
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s almost a case of another week, another dog baiting. This time, one of Sydney’s biggest dog parks has been targeted. Here’s all you need to know about the poison used...

A large number of baits using chicken mince laced with rat poison were placed around Enmore Park in Sydney’s inner west. What makes this especially challenging for pet owners is the fact rat bait often takes days to exert its effects. Since blood clotting is affected, signs that should cause concern include unexplained bruising of the skin and the inside of the mouth, a swollen abdomen, difficulty breathing and even loss of balance and collapse.

It is an offence to leave poisons out with the intention of killing domestic animals with the punishment of up to 5 years gaol and a $22,000 fine still not enough to stop it. Maybe seeing the heartbreaking results on a vet hospital treatment table might be...

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