October 14, 2020

There’s big news for pets in rentals

There’s big news for pets in rentals
Dr. Chris Brown

It might be time to cut that spare key because a court just made a big ruling around pets in rental properties in NSW. Here’s what it means...

Roll out the welcome mat for cats, dogs and other pets. The landmark ruling by the NSW Court of Appeals means no building in NSW can put a blanket ban on pets.

While bylaws can still be created to protect residents against certain antisocial behaviours such as barking dogs, this is a substantial step forward that many states and territories may now follow to ensure they ride the pet friendly wave.

Victoria already took a positive step earlier this year when they announced that landlords could no longer unreasonably refuse consent to have pets in rental properties.

Yes it’s a big day for pets. But after all the stress and loneliness they’ve eased for us during the pandemic, this is surely our very timely way of saying thanks.

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