Dogs are mad for these toxic mushrooms

Oh great. All that autumn rain has brought a new kind of danger for pets…and people. Look out for these mushrooms that aren’t so magic

Consistently wet conditions are driving the growth of mushrooms from southern Queensland all the way down to Tasmania. And while they may look like the delicious delicacies we like to feast on, these fungi have a rather nasty kick. They’re highly toxic if eaten.

Worse still, the green spotted parasol, death cap and yellow staining mushrooms can be attractive to curious pets. Uncontrollable nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, neurological signs and if severe enough, liver failure can be the result.

The best prevention is keeping dogs with hoovering tendencies on a lead when you’re in the park where mushrooms are present. The tricky part is they can pop up overnight.

Keep safe out there!


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