August 06, 2020

A highly original idea brought little Gretel home

A highly original idea brought little Gretel home
Dr. Chris Brown

With hopes of finding little Gretel alive fading, this family used a very unique technique to lure their lost and lonely dog home. And it worked…

After being missing for more than 2 weeks, Gretel the chihuahua’s family feared they’d never see her again. But her bond with her best friend Hansel (a chihuahua x) would turn out to be unbreakable.

Her owners created a trail of, wait for it, Hansel’s poo crumbs (that’s right…small pieces of his droppings) to lead Gretel from the site of her last recognised sighting all the way to her backyard.

Despite some doubters, the remarkable thing is the technique worked. Gretel followed the trail and was found back in her own backyard the next morning. Remarkable. A dog’s nose always knows the way home…

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