November 27, 2021

How this sweet kitten ended up with 4 ears

How this sweet kitten ended up with 4 ears
Dr. Chris Brown

This rescue cat’s little face might melt your heart. Here’s how this former stray ended up with four ears. And whether they give her super-powered hearing...

After being born on the streets of Ankara in Turkey, this kitten looked set for a life of struggle. Especially when her different look only seemed to draw attention to her. But it turned out to be attention of the best kind when Canis Dosemeci noticed the kitten and decided to give her a home fearing people would avoid her. She also named her Midas.

And true to form for most rescues, life has only improved for Midas since that magical ‘connection’ moment.

But how did Midas end up with those extra special ears? Well, rather than ‘borrowing’ them from a fellow womb mate like Narwhal the puppy who was born with a tail on his face, Midas actually scored the ears through a unique genetic mutation that’s also caused a slight alteration in her jaw shape.

Thankfully, neither issue causes her ongoing health problems and while she can’t hear out of those smaller ears, they just double the spots where Midas enjoys a scratch. Which is a win.

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