November 25, 2019

Look at Peter the koala now

Look at Peter the koala now
Dr. Chris Brown

A little over a week ago, I introduced you to bushfire victim Peter on The Project (swipe). You saw as we treated the extensive burns on his paws, backside, ears and nose. Well, this is Peter now.
Happier, brighter and clearly intent on rebuilding his life; one (bandaged) hand full of eucalyptus at a time.
There are still 31 koalas receiving treatment at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and it’s just the start of the fire season. Thankfully we’ve got good news stories like Peter to carry us through the tough days.

Lewis, who we saw being rescued from the flames last week is still receiving intensive treatment every day. His prognosis is listed as ‘guarded’ due to the large portion of his body that was burnt. Infection and pain remain his biggest obstacles although if well wishes count for anything, little Lewis has clearly got this.

Well done to Cheyne and the team from the Koala Hospital...

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