September 13, 2021

This bond will make your heart burst

This bond will make your heart burst
Dr. Chris Brown

When a Gold Coast family came across an abandoned baby magpie, they never guessed what Peggy the staffy would do next.

Hint: It involves milk!

After trying unsuccessfully to reunite the baby bird with her parents, the Wells family decided to hand raise the orphaned bird. And that’s when something quite remarkable happened. Despite initially keeping her distance, the family dog Peggy suddenly decided she needed to protect the magpie they’ve named Molly. But that wasn’t enough. In fact, she was so devoted and maternal she experienced a false-pregnancy and started lactating for Molly the magpie. Molly was even given some of the milk as a supplement to her regular diet…

While false pregnancies are rare, they occur in female dogs who physically (and hormonally), truly believe the baby (even when it’s feathered) is theirs.

Molly is now all grown up and a completely free bird yet she still shows no signs of wanting to leave. Instead, she spends her days sunbaking and sleeping next to her best mate and mum Peggy. Their bond might just be the sweetest and most heartwarming thing you see all year…

Pics: Juliette Wells

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