July 13, 2021

This guy just did the most beautiful thing

This guy just did the most beautiful thing
Dr. Chris Brown

When this 10 year old Labradoodle couldn’t quite make his final walk, his Dad did something that will make your heart melt. And sorry I have something in my eye

Here’s your feel good moment of the week…

When Monty the labradoodle was diagnosed with leukaemia, his owner (and doting dad) Carlos Fresco hoped their bond would count for something when it came to beating the disease. And it certainly did. Yet after an incredibly brave 18 month battle, Monty, could no longer share those special moments they both loved so much.

With Monty weakening and becoming more ill by the day, Dad Carlos decided to do something extraordinary. He would take Monty on his final trip up his favourite walking track to the top of the Brecon Beacon Mountains in South Wales. And with Monty’s legs no longer strong enough to carry him, Carlos would push him in a wheelbarrow with his favourite comfy bed inside. And the photos truly melt your heart. Just about every other walker stopped to meet Monty and give him pats and love on his final lap. In amongst all the happy tears, Monty did make it to the top to smell that fresh air one last time…

Monty passed away just a few days after his final walk up the mountain. But in the process these two proved that sometimes the very best people like Carlos, almost go close to repaying all the good dogs give us in their short lives. Love most definitely carried him to the top!

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