December 02, 2019

This husky leads an extraordinary double life

This husky leads an extraordinary double life
Dr. Chris Brown

When this much loved Husky went missing, her human parents feared the worst. But after finally arriving home, a camera has revealed she led the most bizarre yet beautiful double life...

Koda the husky has always been a free spirit. But after being startled and running into a nearby forest, her owners simply hoped she’d know how to find her way home. And after 3 days apparently ‘lost’ in the bush, she did wander back to the Howatt family. But the placement of a trail camera to track nearby wildlife uncovered exactly what she’d been up to. And it’s quite the tale.

Despite being at very different ends of the size spectrum, Koda somehow befriended a massive male deer. And that friendship quickly grew into something quite remarkable. They have been filmed cuddling up to each other for warmth and even sharing a kiss under the moonlight. It’s not known if this unconventional relationship will resume the next time Koda hears the call of the wild, but I’m all for this beautiful bond. You never know when the love bug might bite!

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