June 05, 2019

This tiny koala baby’s survival relies on one very unique meal

This tiny koala baby’s survival relies on one very unique meal
Dr. Chris Brown

This koala joey might be one of the world’s smallest premmie babies, but she’s also proving to be one of the biggest fighters after being rescued from her injured mother’s pouch...

Pixie’s life changed forever the day her mum was hit by a car on a busy road on the NSW mid north coast. And although her mum somehow survived the accident, her injuries were so severe it was obvious she couldn’t raise the 200g baby herself.

Thankfully the carers at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital have done their best to recreate the pouch Pixie now surely misses so much. And while round the clock milk feeds help, it’s the next stomach turning step that may be the most crucial. Pixie will soon be fed ‘pap’; a special kind of koala poo pellet produced by mothers for their joeys that contain the important bacteria that allow them to digest the otherwise toxic eucalyptus leaf. It truly is the mini gift that keeps on giving.

So good luck Pixie. You’re living proof that everything good comes in small packages...

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