August 08, 2019

This tiny koala’s cast is bigger than she is

This tiny koala’s cast is bigger than she is
Dr. Chris Brown

Her little face says it all. But this baby koala has had to grow up fast after a fall from a gum tree landed her in hospital. But here’s why the fall wasn’t even her fault...

Climbing trees is a koalas special gift. But this joey and her mum weren’t to know they’d chosen the wrong tree to call home when they strayed into a plantation logging forest just outside of Melbourne, Australia.

Sadly, loggers felled that tree and both mum and baby were seriously injured the fall. If there is an upside it’s that thankfully, she was rescued soon after and taken to the Werribee Open Range Zoo where an x-ray revealed a broken arm. She’s now resting and healing, hoping to rebuild her life from the ground up. Her life (and luck) will surely only get better from here.

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