May 24, 2022

Do pets really put on weight in winter?

Do pets really put on weight in winter?
Dr. Chris Brown

This is something I hear so often. But despite how it looks, is it actually true that pets put on weight in winter?! Or does their fur just get ‘thicker’ 😂

Well, here’s the surprising answer that’s also relevant to us. And how to help…

Standby for the first surprise. You’re not seeing things. It’s true! Pets do put on weight as soon as the weather cools down. And aside from doing a little less exercise in winter, there’s actually a fascinating reason why it happens.

It turns out they can thank their genes for it. And one in particular that’s been passed down from when dogs and (some cats) had to survive long, cold winters in the ice and snow. It’s called the ‘thrifty gene’ and it switches on the moment their body senses the days getting shorter and winter approaching. Crazy huh.

The ‘thrifty gene’ doesn’t muck about either. It’s job? To slow down metabolism and activity levels and fast-track the laying down of fat (from food) for the cold winter ahead.

But here’s the real kicker. We have it too. And it explains that sluggish winter feeling of not feeling like doing exercise and craving comfort food…

Thankfully you can help. When that urge for calories (and fat) comes calling, you can fight back against the sluggish feeling with exercise (even when you both don’t feel like it) and deal with those comfort food cravings by filling them up the healthy way with the high protein (from lean Australian chicken breast) and the high prebiotic fibre in my Drool In-Betweeners. They’re the perfect antidote to those hungry eyes…which seem even more powerful on a cold day.


And ok…yes…I guess that coat does thicken up a little bit too. If only I could use that excuse as well 😂

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