January 17, 2023

How to fix that eye-watering doggy odour

How to fix that eye-watering doggy odour
Dr. Chris Brown

Doggy odour might be their own signature scent but for a long time, it’s origin has been a mystery.

But finally, here’s the answer to where musty dog smell really comes from…

Hint: It’s easier to fix than you think. And it doesn't involve perfume...

As an odour, it sits somewhere between blue cheese and potting mix. Delightful! But whichever way you look at it, doggy body odour is never an appealing option. Especially when it ends up on your hands, your couch and deep inside your nostrils!

But once you realise what it is, the permanent fix isn’t too far away.

And the fact that D.O. (or doggy odour) smells like a mouldy cheese or rich soil is the first clue to its origin.

D.O. is actually an overgrowth of bad bacteria or yeast on their skin.

But just why they’re running rampant is the fascinating part.

Their skin surface is a lot like a grass lawn. Keep it hydrated and full of nutrients and it’s healthy. However, if you take away all its nourishment and let it dry out (by using a detergent based wash that strips the hydrating oils away), the good bugs die off and the weeds take over. Those weeds are the doggy odour producing bugs. They thrive when the good bacteria are gone. So a smelly dog is a sign their whole skin microbiome is out of balance…

Before a bath in detergents...


So bizarrely, even if you were trying to fix doggy odour with a bath, if you wash in shampoos containing detergents and surfactants that strip the oils (like sodium lauryl sulfate and glucosides), you actually create an environment for those smelly bugs to take over even more.

The solution? You must keep their skin and coat in balance and nourished. By caring for those good oils found in the skin and coat, you keep their all important outer layers protected, calm and actually smelling fresh.

It's exactly why the entire focus of my Wash + Care range is to nourish that invisible body armour (their protective oils) that they carry around. That way, you can restore their balance and enjoy a coat that's soft, shiny...and doesn't smell. How fresh!

Nourish My Coat Wash Scented
Nourish My Coat Wash Scented

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