September 15, 2020

Is drinking pool water dangerous?

Is drinking pool water dangerous?
Dr. Chris Brown

With the weather warming up, lots of you want to know if it’s safe for those long tongues to lap up pool water... Here’s your answer...

Well, the simple answer is yes. You can trust their taste buds on this one. The level of chlorine in a well maintained pool is actually quite low and shouldn’t cause any ill effects. In fact, considering the ponds and puddles some of the furry family frequent, a pool is like Perrier by comparison. Recently treated, heavily chlorinated pools may cause some slight gut upsets but signs should only be mild.

Salt water pools are a different story. Pets with kidney or heart disease should avoid drinking from them and the salt water is more likely to cause digestive upsets...and even diarrhea.

No matter your pool water type, a bowl of cool, fresh water should always be available.

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