March 09, 2020

This might be the perfect fix for needy pets

This might be the perfect fix for needy pets
Dr. Chris Brown

Does the start of the working week have you worried about leaving the most emotionally needy member of the family at home alone? Well, this couple can help 😳

After a tough start to life, former shelter cat Ziggy understandably loves her new life with owners Rebecca and Alex May. But absolutely completely doesn’t cope when they’re not home to give her affection. So that’s when this couple got creative. Using an old pair of Alex’s trousers, a pair of shoes, some stuffing and a heat pad, they created a decoy lap that Ziggy could lie on when the real deal wasn’t available.

And early signs are Ziggy is lapping up the alternative. For anyone else feeling guilty about their work life balance right now, this emergency snuggle zone might really hit the spot...

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